Hey. I'm Theo. I'm a filmmaker based in SoCal, but born and bred in Texas. I was 5 when I saw Back To The Future for the first time, and besides making me ache for a hoverboard, the film inspired me to become a storyteller-to create a visual journey that would be always remembered and respected.

That's why I want to work with you, you've got your own unique vision you have to get out. I'm privileged to have worked with some amazing people, and together we've made projects that have left clients satisfied and me honored to be a part of. Let's work together with yours, I know we're going to make a great team. I'm the Marty to your Doc Brown, let's get this baby up to 88mph.

You should definitely follow me on Twitter if you're any kind of movie fan. Comics, shorts, articles-I'm living for that stuff.