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The Road So Far.


Don’t play with guns. Even when BTS makes you look like you’re the Avengers.

Don’t play with guns. Even when BTS makes you look like you’re the Avengers.

If there’s anything that’s played out, it’s the “I can’t believe it’s insert date here!" memes. Luckily for me, I love memes. That’s not really a segue into anything - I just love memes. Send them all to me.

The past few months in general have flown by - I’m talking, Hal Jordan pushing to the Speed Force-levels of speed. Since tomorrow is a night shoot for a film I’m doing, I thought now would be a good time to just try and recap what I’ve been able to collaborate on for 2019.

I’m still a bit mind-blown about SXSW 2019! Even though I grew up in Texas, when I was in HS, SXSW wasn’t nearly the huge deal it was by the time I was deep into film in college. Going back was really, really special for me - not just getting to see close friends who came out to support, but just being on that panel with other amazing filmmakers who I’ve met over the years. While I know this won’t be the last time and hope to have a film play in the festival, nothing will be quite as special as that moment was. I just wish I had an Austin taco wrapper to frame alongside the poster.

For the past few months (and if you’ve seen my IG), I’ve been starting to post a lot about the film I’m directing called An Electric Sleep. A sci-fi story, it follows a desperate teen who holds a family hostage, demanding a cure for her fatal disease. I know I’ll have plenty of think-pieces once we wrap, but I can safely say that this is the biggest thing I’ve ever done. Ever. I’m talking, first-steps-as-a-baby levels of big. There’s been so much support and love from strangers to siblings - everyone’s not only been encouraging and supportive, but seem genuinely excited about the the story and how it unfurls. We were able to cut a teaser and show it to potential distribution, and we got a very reception for it. So now, we finish our last few days and jump into post. We’ve got the absolute best people who have our backs on this film, and it’s going to be such a blast being about to show y’all when it’s done.

I’ve also been prepping for a film back in the city with the best pancakes in the world - Chattanooga. I can’t share too much now, but it’s going to be great to get back to the south, eat some hush puppies, and sneeze at the pollen until my eyes swell shut.

So, between these things and a few other dope films coming down the pipeline, it’s probably been the busiest months I’ve had since I’ve moved out to LA 5 years (and 23 days) ago.

Here’s to day 24 tomorrow.