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Hello Fear.


As my computer renders out video after video, I felt like now was a good time to catch my breath and type.

About what though?

There's SO MANY things happening during this part of the year! First off, it's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, so I'm gearing up for my annual viewings of A Very Muppet Christmas and Jingle All The Way. Both holiday classics, if I do say so myself. Which I do, because this blog is mine.

Also, in three days I'll be going across the world for the first time! I got a gig to shoot a short documentary on a mission team doing medical work in India, which I still can't believe is happening. I've had the opportunity to film in other places, but India is by far the furthest away. To say I'm pumped is a massive understatement! I've gotten all my gear, so I'm praying that there's no user-error on my part. After picking the minds of all my other world-trotting buddies, they just keep telling me one thing, "Just shoot." Guess that's what I'll fall back on. Not to complicate things, but instead just rely on the basics. Wow, I feel more relaxed already.

Last but definitely not least, my next project will be going live on Kickstarter soon! It's a fan film of the comic book character Zatanna - don't know about her? You will soon enough! Even though I've funded a successful short film before on KS, I've always got this healthy dose of uncertainty when it comes to crowdsourcing. The comparable feeling is when I screen a film to an audience for the first time.

"Will they relate with it?"

"Was this a dumb idea and all my friends just lied to me?"

"Why are they throwing tomatoes at the screen and where did they come from?"

I've been blessed to have some of my close friends help me out with this and the idea's been vetted... I guess that's just part of any project I do. The fear makes me want it to succeed more though. To make an awesome doc in India. To shoot my first comic book film. To put down the words on the next script.

I hope the fear is here to stay.

Guardian Comics


I got a chance to shoot a Kickstarter video with a comic book creator named Ethan. He's wanted to make his own comic book ever since watching far-too-good cartoons like Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Young Justice (R.I.P.), and a ton others like those. He's only 18, so he gets huge props from me! So right from the jump, I knew this guy was going to be awesome.

The video won't be posted until Ethan's Kickstarter project goes live, but I'll show a few pics I snapped from behind the curtain. 

Check out Ethan's Facebook page here, and like it to get updates on the comic and check out his art!


Panorama of the office

Ungraded screenshot of shoot

Here Comes Black Friday


The time of giving thanks is once again upon us. And of course, that comes hand-in-hand with the opportunity to give some old lady the People's Elbow just to grab the uber-discounted tv from Target. Hurah.

A few years ago I got the opportunity to work on a documentary film during the Thanksgiving season. It focused on the culture of Black Friday and how different people view it. I was teamed up to do sound following a friend who put off making a holiday list until waiting in line for 5 hours at a store. Like any comedy movie, it was cold. And raining. Perhaps not the best of times, but it was a fun experience!

That documentary has received fresh new legs as the producer, Leif Ramsey, looks to finish post production on it. I'm super excited because this film looks to show a entire new viewpoint that's never been captured before. He recently launched a Kickstarter page, you should definitely go check it out. Watch the video, see the sweet rewards, and if you're intrigued like me, throw some cash at it. 

Have a great Thanksgiving, and be thankful for the most important thing of all-the Muppets movie coming out next year.