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What's in your bag?


Merry Christmas! I've always wanted to do one of these post, so let me assure you - I'm far too excited as I type. May be all the sparkling cider I've downed.

Carry on Bag

This is my carry on bag for my upcoming trip to India! While my duffel will have my clothes, this one will be nestled right in front of me.

I've got:

-American Eagle bag. It's been running strong for 5 years, so it'll last me until I can get a better messenger.

-Notebook and pen. Sometimes analog beats digital.

-1st gen iPad. Or, as it will be known as this trip, "The Spartacus Content Delivery System."

-Macbook Pro Retina (2013). This mother will be helping me manage all the footage and making sure I can see what needs to be reshot. Unless I'm super filmmaker Chris Emerson, who once told me he doesn't need reshoots or pick ups. Ever.

-Monoprice iPhone battery backup. Can't find the link, but super cheap.

iPhone 45. I like to film my own personal video blogs. This is my camera. Not the best lens and such, but I like the unpolished look on it. And I'm not afraid to get it hurt.

iPhone 5s. My personal phone, it'll be banished to my bag for the trip.

iPod Classic. The last iPod I'll ever need. All the music I own, and still 40gb to go.

Beats Studio. I like them. 

3DS XL. Pokemon X. KINGDOM HEARTS DDD. The long flight will be welcome.

Charger adaptors. You can charge stuff without powah!


That's my carry on, but for my equipment overhead bag, just look below.

Equipment Bag

This isn't everything, but a good portion of it. I'm unfamiliar with the location I'll be in, so I wanted to pack light while at the same time bringing what I needed to tell a good story.

Dolica Tripod. Weighing in at 2.5lbs, I picked this up after the reviews I read were positive. Field work will make it earn its keep.

Konova 24" slider. I have the big brother of this slider at work, so I knew this small one will be the perfect companion to grab quick shots.

40mm pancake lens. My favorite lens. Small. Fast. Just the way I like my Hot Wheels cars.

Canon 60d (Magic Lantern) with 11-16mm Tokina lens. The 60d is my workhorse of choice. Since I'm not quite ready to buy a full frame camera yet, this camera was the only option for me. The flip out screen is invaluable, and since it's running Magic Lantern, there's more to it than meets the eye.

Zoom H6. Huge upgrade from the H4n. I've shot a short, quick sketch video and really liked the knobs to adjust levels. Long story short, if you're thinking about getting one, get it.

Headlamp. Nighttime timelapse. That's why.

Gaff Tape. Duh.

Reflector/Diffuser. When interviewing people, I won't compromise on getting a great looking image. The bounce of the reflector will help make that a lot easier.


So that's about it! I'll post when I can, and you all have a Happy New Year!