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Here Comes Black Friday


The time of giving thanks is once again upon us. And of course, that comes hand-in-hand with the opportunity to give some old lady the People's Elbow just to grab the uber-discounted tv from Target. Hurah.

A few years ago I got the opportunity to work on a documentary film during the Thanksgiving season. It focused on the culture of Black Friday and how different people view it. I was teamed up to do sound following a friend who put off making a holiday list until waiting in line for 5 hours at a store. Like any comedy movie, it was cold. And raining. Perhaps not the best of times, but it was a fun experience!

That documentary has received fresh new legs as the producer, Leif Ramsey, looks to finish post production on it. I'm super excited because this film looks to show a entire new viewpoint that's never been captured before. He recently launched a Kickstarter page, you should definitely go check it out. Watch the video, see the sweet rewards, and if you're intrigued like me, throw some cash at it. 

Have a great Thanksgiving, and be thankful for the most important thing of all-the Muppets movie coming out next year.