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Casting Calls Are Like Having Babies


It's always a crazy feeling when the casting process begins. It catches me off guard every time.

I've been working on a short film about a heroine for a little bit now (don't worry, I'll be spamming it here soon enough), and we've started to go to the casting phase when auditions are posted on websites and all that fun stuff.

I immediately noticed something. There are A LOT of actors/actresses around here. I know it's the cliché thing to say in L.A., but can verify that that's the truth. A little disclaimer: I graduated from college in Chattanooga. Great place, not a very big selection of talent. So getting my inbox flooded with hundreds of submissions for one character alone... that's pretty surreal to me at this point.

A humbling feeling, that's what I first got looking at the submitted people. If you're a filmmaker in particular or just a creative person in general, you may understand where I'm coming from with this. For an idea to just be in a person's mind, to then put it on paper is a step all in itself. But to then get other individuals to say they want to be a part of this project and help bring it to life... it's like a new life is being brought into the world. **Mother- "No. No it's not. Terrible analogy.**

Okay so maybe it's not like that, but it's still a crazy great feeling! This film is coming along quite nicely, indeed.