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Early Call Times...


I wish I had a lot to say here, but I don't, really. I've got a shoot tomorrow, and that sweet, sweet early call time is gonna make me crash early tonight.

"Early call time." I would have given anything to just say that before moving out here to LA. I've been blessed - SO BLESSED - to have friends who've gotten me on projects I was woefully underqualified for. And now, I'm getting the opportunity to get friends of my own on projects I'm involved in now. I just want to keep the good vibes passing through.

Lastly, in a strange/amazing turn of events, I got to direct few scenes of a screenplay written by Joe Glauberg... who created Mork and Mindy and wrote HAPPY DAYS. UUUHHHHH... talk about underqualified. God's far far far too good.




It's literally almost been two years since updating this blog.

I can hear 12ptCourier yelling in my ear about why haven't written anything. Sorry mate. This blog unfortunately isn't a habit... yet. 

But hey, lots of new things to write about in future post! For instance,  I've...

I'm pretty sure more stuff happened, but I can't remember right now.  I'm mostly just excited about writing an actual blog post instead of thinking about it.

India: Chapter 3 - Photos


Photos, photos, photos.

A couple of months ago, I got the awesome opportunity to travel to southern India with a mission group called FETCH to film a short documentary on them. Since they didn't have a photographer with them, I decided to let my Canon pull double duty and grab some photos for them. I figured that I could edit those quicker and send them back to the group before getting back to the main video.

Now, I'm not a photographer-I could never call myself one. Maybe a beginner or extreme amateur if I'm feeling generous. I know far too many awesome photogs to even begin to put myself into their category. I found myself falling in love with these photographs though, and I wonder if pro photographers feel the same way. Photos have this strange power of drawing me in; they show me this one moment of time that's frozen forever. A film can show an event, but there's still an incredible impact in looking at a frame and putting together a background story for the subject who was captured.

Here's a few photos I took! Now it's back to editing...